Monday, March 29, 2010

The Kitchen Floor

Jay and I took on quite project a few weeks ago! We live in my Grandmother's old home and there are all sorts of things that need to be done to this old house, but the first on the list was the kitchen floor. The kitchen had brown indoor/outdoor CARPET!!!! Yes, carpet. It has been such a pain trying to cook and eat and live in that kitchen! I am happy and proud to say we did a beautiful job and never again will I have to clean up raw egg off of carpet. So here is the run down.

We started by pulling up the carpet and luckily this part was super easy. Under the carpet we found the old orange linoleum that I grew up with and that was not as easy. There were many days of sitting on the floor during nap time pulling that stuff up with a pry bar. I will NEVER touch linoleum again in my life. I hate it. It is worse than anything. Yes it is worse than wallpaper and the reason why is that under the god forsaken flooring that is linoleum was the paper backing that was on the back of the linoleum. That....there are not words to express the level of hatred I feel when I think of that paper. It covered the concrete floor when we got the linoleum up and the only way to get the paper up was to scrape it inch by inch with a wallpaper scraper. Yes, I mean the little razor scraper. So we scraped paper off of about 300 square feet of concrete. And by we I mean mostly me. We got tile and many months later finally started putting it down, which turned out to be easier than I thought. There are plenty of spots that are not perfect, but for our first project I am very proud. And after so long with carpet on my kitchen floor I couldn't care less about un-even grout lines. So here are the pictures!



Concrete and purple chalk line

My man hard at work

Me hard at work

Last tile in!


Still had to grout at that point

I feel blessed to have my new floor and proud that rather than go into debt to get it we sucked it up and did it ourselves. It was very hard work but we appreciate it even more I think because we did it ourselves.

There is no substitute for hard work.
~Thomas Edison