Friday, May 31, 2013

A Blog Once Every Two Years Is Just Fine, right? Oh, And We Have A New Baby.

It's ridiculous! Why do I even have this thing? And yet I can't bring myself to get rid of it. I don't want to be a quitter. And maybe I have stuff to say that you, my five followers, should hear.

Or maybe I just love talking about my little family and sharing my photos. And since we have added a third baby to the house there is a lot to share.

Miles Reale Worley was born on March 3rd at 7:49 pm. He decided to do things his way, making life hard for his mommy, and was breech, forcing me to get a c-section. Let me start by saying c-sections SUCK! God knew what he was doing when he designed our bodies to have babies and if at all possible we should have a baby the "natural" way.  Miles is a joy! He is my little darling boy and I would have a million more c-sections to have him here. It's all worth it.

Waiting for them to get him out.

I am so blessed to see a group of midwives that work at Harris hospital in downtown Fort Worth. The hospital sort of ahead of the game offering what is called a "Gentle C-section". Sort of an oxymoron, but for people who truly must have a c-section it is just an amazing thing! We attempted one with Miles, but he was not breathing well when he came out. They placed him on my chest and he turned more and more blue, until the nurse had to take him. It was sad, but when your baby is purple, it's not so hard letting them go to the warmer. Unfortunately his breathing stayed bad for a few hours, so he went to the NICU.

 Let me just say this; I have had the pleasure of experiencing birth in three different ways. Vaginal and un-medicated, Vaginal with an epidural, and a c-section. My favorite birth was Eli's (epidural). It is not my favorite because there was no pain, actually Ava's birth was most empowering. I felt like super woman when it was over. I got through the pain and did it with NOTHING! I FELT everything and did it. But with Eli I got to hold him immediately and they didn't take him. He came out, went to my chest and nursed within the first 10 min. That was the greatest moment of my life, I think. I had my reward for the months of pregnancy and worry, and I didn't have to share it right away or be told to hand it over. The bond was immediate. Sadly with Miles it went all wrong, and I felt so sad over it. I felt cheated out of birth and the moments after. And of course now it's ok, but I wanted that moment of pure bliss and I just didn't get it. And it's worse when you know how good it can be and you miss out on it. I imagine I'll always wish that had been different for Miles and I. Not that I'm crying over it all the time, or even think of it often. But when I do, I feel sad over how it went. But of course the goal is a healthy baby, and that is what matters and that's what we got!

So here's some pictures. My goal is to do this more often than every two years, and maybe I'm insane for deciding that after I've had my third child, but it's good to have goals.

This is right when he was born. They put him on my chest....

and he starts to struggle to inhale because he took in a bunch of fluid when they pulled him out.
 He quickly began turning blue.

It was not easy having them take him!

Look at them! 

He was hooked to all sorts of things, poor guy!

The wonderful NICU nurses said if he would nurse we could take him to my room
 and he immediately latched like a pro!

Our first family picture.